Stamper Harrington

Stamper    Harrington-PSA Essentials  Address Stamper  Wallace
Stamper    Harrington-PSA Essentials  Address Stamper  Wallace
Customized self-inking stamper perfect for many uses. Format as a return address stamper, family stamp, Save-The-Date, baby's birth information, or a book plate stamp to name just a few. Formatting is only as shown except that you can choose to have your text printed around clockwise or at top and bottom (with your choice of text, of course). Keep in mind that text size will be affected by the length of the text on your stamper. Your imprint around will be repeated as deemed appropriate. The font letters are shown below the main image and the layout of the design will come only as shown in the sample. The size of the text is based on the amount of text requested. Each ink cartridge allows approximately 10,000 to 14,000 impressions.

Stamps are limited to 55 characters around the outside

Allow 2 weeks for delivery

Address or Text :

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